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RSCIT Answer key – Download the answer key of RSCIT Exam here

RSCIT Answer Key

RSCIT 22 May 2022 Answer Key

  1. An example of internet search engine is – Yahoo
  2. Which of the following is mandatory for sending an email – sender email id
  3. In which tab of MS word 2010 header and footer option are available: Insert
  4. Which of the following is a valid example of e-wallet : Paytm
  5. What would be the full form of emitra – Electronic Mitra
  6. What is meant by Microsoft Office Picture Manager – An application that helps in editing scanned documents
  7. Which of the following screen lock are available on android devices – All of the above
  8. You can link any location of the current documents to another document or website through – Hyperlink
  9. What does a comment for a cell entry shows on the screen – comments
  10. Which of the following would you use to get the same display for all the slides in the presentation – Slide Layout
  11. What do you do to uninstall the install program – Both are correct
  12. Keeping email address in mind the correct option is – Both A & B
  13. When saving a document, a difference between “Save” and “Save as” is – Both
  14. Which of the following file format cannot be added to a PowerPoint presentation – .htm
  15. Which keys combination is used to insert a new slide in a PowerPoint presentation – Ctrl + M
  16. GUI stands for – Graphical User Interface
  17. Internet explorer is – Web Browser
  18. The abbreviation DIMM stands for – dual in-line memory module
  19. Which of the following does not represent an input /output device – ALU
  20. To permanently delete a file or a folder in window environment one uses – Shift + del
  21. Tim Burner Lee gave the concept of – www
  22. Which one of the following is not an example of an Indian Super Computer – None of these
  23. The abbreviation SATA stands for – serial advanced technology attachment
  24. Which key deletes the characters from the left side of cursor – BackSpace
  25. In MS Excel Program the width of column and the height of row are measure in – Pixel
  26. When you click on the format painter icon in the home tab you will see that the mouse pointer changed to – Paintbrush
  27. By which of the following types of cyber attacks, you are taken to another website instead of the desired website – DNS Poisoning
  28. Workbook in a computer application is basically related to – MS Excel
  29. A part of computer system that consists of data on computer instructions – software
  30. Which of the critical processing component in any computer – memory device
  31. The dot matrix and solid font printers are examples of – character printer
  32. The ink jet printers or band printers are classified as – Line Printers
  33. Which is not a type of secondary memory – Random Access Memory
  34. Which of the following memory device is very much similar mainly in terms of speed to the cache memory – SRAM
  35. What is a web browser – a software program to allow you to access sites on the world wide web

Note : The final answer key will be released by RKCL. That will be considered as the final answer key.

Note : फाइनल आंसर key RKCL के द्वारा जारी की जाएगी। उसे ही सही माना जाए।

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