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How to create a Stock Item in TallyPrime

Create a Stock Item in Tally Prime

1 – Go to the “create” from Masters section in Gateway of Tally

create in tally prime
create in tally prime

2 – Select “Stock Item” under Inventory Masters

stock item in tally prime

3 – Following window will be appear

4 – Add the following yellow marked specifications for creating a stock item namely “Rice”

5 – Press “Ctrl + A” to save the Stock Item.

Display “Stock Items” in Tally Prime

6 – Select “Charts of Accounts” in Gateway of Tally

charts of accounts
charts of accounts

7 – Select “Stock Items” under the Inventory Masters

stock item display

8 – All created “Stock Items” will be displayed here

display stock stock item in tallyprime

Changes / Alter in “Stock Items”

9 – Select the “Alter” option under Masters in Gateway of Tally

alter in tally prime
alter in tally prime

10 – Select the “Stock Item” under Inventory Masters

stock item alteration
stock item alteration

11 – Select “Rice” in Stock Items

12 – Here all stock item specifications are displayed, you can change the name of stock items or units if required

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