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Tally Prime shortcut keys to create and edit vouchers:

  • To create a new voucher, press “Alt + C”
  • To save a voucher, press “Alt + S”
  • To delete a voucher, press “Alt + D”
  • To cancel a voucher, press “Alt + E”

These shortcut keys can be used when you are in the voucher entry screen. You can also use the “F2” key to toggle between the different fields in the voucher.

In addition to these shortcut keys, Tally Prime also has a number of other shortcut keys that can be used to access various functions and features. For example, you can press “Alt + L” to access the ledger creation screen, “Alt + I” to access the inventory masters screen, and “Alt + R” to access the report menu.

A list of some useful shortcut keys in Tally Prime:

  • Alt + A: Create a new accounting voucher
  • Alt + I: Create a new inventory voucher
  • Alt + C: Create a new company
  • Alt + L: Create a new ledger
  • Alt + G: Create a new group
  • Alt + S: Save a voucher or transaction
  • Alt + D: Delete a voucher or transaction
  • Alt + E: Cancel a voucher or transaction
  • Alt + N: Create a new invoice
  • Alt + R: Access the report menu
  • Alt + B: Back up the company data
  • Alt + O: Restore a company data backup
  • Alt + P: Print a report or statement
  • Alt + T: Access the tools menu

These are just a few of the shortcut keys that are available in Tally Prime. You can find a complete list of shortcut keys by pressing “Alt + H” and selecting the “Shortcut Keys” option from the help menu.

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