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Tally Prime Shortcut Keys

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Tally Prime Shortcut Keys : Learn all about the shortcuts

टैली प्राइम में काम करना तब आसान होता है जब आपको शॉर्टकट-की की जानकारी हो। क्योकि टैली प्राइम या किसी भी टैली के version में आपको यह जानकर ख़ुशी होगी की टैली के सभी version में शॉर्टकट keys लगभग सामान होती है। यानि की यदि आपने टैली के किसी भी version को सीखते वक्त टैली की शॉर्टकट keys को याद किया है तो वह आपको टैली के सभी version में समान मिलेंगी। नीचे दी गयी सभी शॉर्टकट keys को आपको पड़ना हैं और आप पाएंगे कि यदि आपने टैली के पूर्व में कोई version को सीखा है तो शॉर्टकट keys लगभग आपको रिपीट ही लगेगी। कहने का मतलब है कि एक बार याद कर लीजिये आपको हमेशा काम आएगी।

Tally Prime Shortcut keys are divided in following categories:-

We can categoriezed tally prime shortcult keys in following four major categories:-

  • Keyboard Shortcults – Across Tally Prime (Anywhere in Tally)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Reports (Only for display)
  • Keyboard Shortcults – Vouchers & Masters (Create anything in Tally)
  • Keyboard Shortcults – Open Vouchers (For voucher entries)
DescriptionShortcut keys
To accept or save a screenCtrl+A
To add a new columnAlt+C
To add a voucher in a reportAlt+A
To add more details to a master or voucher for the current instanceCtrl+I
To alter a columnAlt+A
To alter a master during voucher entry or from drill-down of a reportCtrl+Enter
To auto repeat columnsAlt+N
To autofill detailsCtrl+F
To calculate balances using vouchers that satisfy the selected conditionsCtrl+F12
To cancel a voucherAlt+X
To cancel a voucher from a reportAlt+X
To change mode – open vouchers in different modesCtrl+H
To change the date of voucher entry or period for reportsF2
To change the date of voucher entry or period for reportsAlt+F2
To change view – display report details in different views
To navigate to Voucher View from Summary reports
To navigate to post-dated cheque related transactions report
To copy text from an input fieldCtrl+C Ctrl+Alt+C
To create a master, on the flyAlt+C
To create an entry in the report, by duplicating a voucherAlt+2
To define stat adjustments during voucher entryAlt+J
To delete a columnAlt+D
To delete a voucherAlt+D
To delete an entry from a reportAlt+D
To display all hidden line entries, if they were removedAlt+U
To display the last hidden line (If multiple lines were hidden, pressing this shortcut repeatedly will restore the last hidden line first and follow the sequence)Ctrl+U
To drill down from a line in a reportEnter
To drill-down and open a voucher for displayCtrl+Enter
To drill-down and open a voucher or master from the last level details of a reportEnter
To e-mail the current voucher or reportCtrl+M
To exit a screen or the applicationCtrl+Q
To expand or collapse a group in a tableAlt+Enter
To expand or collapse information in a reportShift+Enter
To export the current voucher or reportCtrl+E
To filter data in a report, with a selected range of conditionsAlt+F12
To from any point in a field to the beginning of the text in that fieldHome
To go back to the previous screen by closing the currently open screen
To remove inputs that is provided/selected for a field
To go to the next input fieldTab
To go to the previous input fieldShift+Tab
To hide or show the details in a tableAlt+T
To insert a voucher in a reportAlt+I
To insert the base currency symbol in an input field.Alt+4 Ctrl+4
To invert selection of line items in a reportCtrl+Alt+I
To mark a voucher as OptionalCtrl+L
To mark a voucher as Post-DatedCtrl+T
To move from any line to the first line in a listHome & PgUp
To move from any line to the last line in a listEnd & PgDn
To move from any point in a field to the end of the text in that fieldEnd
To move one line down in a list To move to the next fieldDown arrow
To move one line up in a list To move to the previous fieldUp arrow
To move to the first field or first lineCtrl+Home
To move to the first/last menu in a sectionCtrl+Up/Down
To move to the last field or last lineCtrl+End
To move to the left-most/right-most drop-down top menuCtrl+Left/Right
To move: One position left in a text field To the previous column on the left To the previous menu on the leftLeft arrow
To move: One position right in a text field To the next column on the right To the next menu on the rightRight arrow
To navigate to the next artifact in the context
To increment the Report date or next report in a sequence of reports displayed
To navigate to the previous artifact in the context
To decrement Report date or previous report in a sequence of reports displayed
To open a manufacturing journal from the Quantity field of a journal voucherAlt+V
To open Company Features screenF11
To open Company top menuAlt+K
To open Contra voucherF4
To open Credit NoteAlt+F6
To open Debit NoteAlt+F5
To open Delivery NoteAlt+F8
To open Journal voucherF7
To open or hide calculator panelCtrl+N
To open Payment voucherF5
To open Payroll voucherCtrl+F4
To open Physical StockCtrl+F7
To open Purchase OrderCtrl+F9
To open Purchase voucherF9
To open Receipt NoteAlt+F9
To open Receipt voucherF6
To open Rejection In voucherCtrl+F6
To open Rejection Out voucherCtrl+F5
To open Sales OrderCtrl+F8
To open Sales voucherF8
To open Stock Journal voucherAlt+F7
To open TallyHelp topic based on the context of the screen that is openCtrl+F1
To open TallyHelp topic based on the context of the screen that is openCtrl+F1
To open the calculator panelAlt+C
To open the calculator panel from Amount field during voucher entryAlt+C
To open the company menu with the list of actions related to managing your companyAlt+K
To open the e-mail menu for sending transactions or reportsAlt+M
To open the export menu for exporting masters, transactions, or reportsAlt+E
To open the GST PortalAlt+V
To open the Help menuF1
To open the import menu for importing masters, transaction, and bank statementsAlt+O
To open the list of actions applicable to managing the company dataAlt+Y
To open the list of actions applicable to sharing or exchanging your company dataAlt+Z
To open the list of configurations applicable for the report/viewF12
To open the next master or voucher
To scroll down in reports
Page Down
To open the previously saved master or voucher
To scroll up in reports
Page Up
To open the print menu for printing transactions or reports.Alt+P
To open the Stock Query report for the selected stock itemAlt+S
To paste input copied from a text field.Ctrl+V Ctrl+Alt+V
To perform linear selection/deselection multiple lines in a reportShift+Up/Down
To primarily open a report, and create masters and vouchers in the flow of work.Alt+G
To print the current voucher or reportCtrl+P
To quit the applicationAlt+F4
To remove a line entry from a reportCtrl+R
To remove item/ledger line in a voucherCtrl+D
To remove the value typedBackspace
To retrieve Narration from the previous ledger during voucher entryAlt+R
To retrieve the Narration from the previous voucher, for the same voucher typeCtrl+R
To rewrite dataCtrl+Alt+R
To select and open another company located in the same folder or other data pathsAlt+F3
To select or deselect a line in a reportShift+Spacebar
To select or deselect all lines in a reportCtrl+Spacebar
To select or deselect lines till the endCtrl+Shift+End
To select or deselect lines till the topCtrl+Shift+Home
To select the data entry language that is applicable to all screensCtrl+W
To select the display language that is applicable across all screensCtrl+K
To select/deselect a line in a reportSpacebar
To shut the currently loaded companiesCtrl+F3
To switch to a different report, and create masters and vouchers in the flow of work.Ctrl+G
To switch to another company from the list of open companiesF3
To view list of all vouchers or mastersF10
To view TDL/Add-on detailsCtrl+Alt+T
To view the build informationCtrl+Alt+B
To view the exceptions related to a reportCtrl+J
To view the report in detailed or condensed formatAlt+F1
To views values in different ways in a reportCtrl+B
Some important rules in Tally Prime Shortcut Keys:-

For Single Line : If any commands shows with single underlined then use that keys along with Alt & when shortcut key shows with double underlined then it should be use with Ctrl.

Please click here for MS Excel Shortcult.

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