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MS Office Important Questions

Formulas in excel begin with

Answer: = (Equal Sign)

A file extension of .xlsm indicates what type of workbook

Answer: Excel Macro File

In ms excel which denotes a1 to d6

Answer: A1 : D6

In ms excel which symbol is used to multiply numbers in a spreadsheet formula

Answer: * (Instric)

A slideshow in PowerPoint can start from

Answer: Beginning or From Current Slide

Which ms excel chart is useful for comparing trends and changes

Answer- Line Chart

In ms word what is the shortcut to paste the copied text

Answer: Ctrl + V

Chrome browser is made by which company

Answer: Google

In ms word what is the function of word count

Answer: Word Count in Review Menu or in Status Bar

In ms word what is the shortcut to copy the selected text

Answer: Ctrl + C

The cell range that starts in cell a1 and goes over j15 is written in formula as

Answer: A1 : J15

How do you display current date only in ms excel

Answer: today()

In ms word what is the shortcut to save a file

Answer: Ctrl + S

How do you wrap the text in a cell

Answer: Wrap Text (Home Menu)

In an excel sheet what is the intersection of a column and a row called

Answer: Cell

How do you display current date and time in ms excel

Answer: Now()

How can you remove borders applied in cells

Answer: Borders (Home Menu)

Which feature in ms excel lets you arrange data in ascending or descending order

Answer: Sorting (Home or Data Menu)

What is the shortcut to save as or create a duplicate file

Answer: F12

To insert a new column to the left of a specific column

Answer: First right-click from the mouse on that column heading and select the insert option. For an explanation we have an example, suppose you want to add a column before or left side of the C column, then right-click on the C column heading, and from the options select insert.

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