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Input Devices

What are input devices in Computer?

Computer Input Devices

Input devices in computers are those devices by which we can enter or input the instructions to the computer.

The most commonly used input devices are a keyboard, mouse, scanner, mic, bar code reader, etc.

Following are some of the important input devices which are used in a computer −

    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Bar Code Reader
    • Joy Stick
    • Scanner
    • Graphic Tablet
    • Microphone
    • Light pen
    • Track Ball
    • Optical Mark Reader(OMR)
    • Magnetic Ink Card Reader(MICR)
    • Optical Character Reader(OCR)


The Keyboard comes with keys like alphabets (A-Z or a to z), special purpose keys, function keys (F1-F12), toggle keys (caps lock, scroll lock, num lock), etc. These are described in detail hereunder as-

Key NameKey Descriptions
Alphabetsa, b, c…….z
A, B, C, …………………….Z
Number Keys0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Function KeysF1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12
Control KeysNavigation keys – Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Bottom Arrow, Up Arrow, Home, End, Page up, Page Down
Control – Ctrl
Alter – Alt
Escape – Esc
Special Purpose KeysToggle Keys: Num Lock, Scroll Lock, Caps Lock
White Space Keys: Spacebar, Tab, Return (Enter)
PrintScreen, Insert
Classifications of KeyBoard Keys

Types of Keyboards

(1) QWERTY KeyBoard with 104 Keys

qwerty keyboard

This type of keyboard comes with a wire. There are 104 keys in this type of keyboard. This is the basic type of keyboard.

(2) Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard is one designed to reduce body strain caused by typing. Typically, these keyboards are designed so that you can type in a more comfortable, natural position.

(3) USB Keyboard

A wireless keyboard uses a dongle, which you plug into one of your laptop’s USB ports, to connect with your PC. For wireless typing, your laptop sends a signal to the keyboard through the dongle.

(4) Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboard

For avid PC gamers, these keyboards offer extra durability and quick key response times for split-second action.

(5) Flexible Keyboard

Flexible Keyboard

QWERTY keyboards are similar to traditional keyboards, but these are designed to be portable. They are usually made of silicon, so you can roll them up and take them anywhere.


Typically, there are two buttons, the left and right buttons, and a wheel between them. Using a mouse, you can move the cursor on the screen, but you cannot enter text using it. This is easy to use, inexpensive, and moves the cursor faster than the arrow keys of the keyboard.

Types of Mouse

(1) Wired Mouse

wired mouse

The cord of a wired mouse connects directly to your desktop or laptop through a USB port and transmits information. A wired mouse provides fast response times due to the direct transmission of data through the cable.

(2) Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse transmits radio signals to a receiver connected to your computer. It comes with a dongle, which is connected to a CPU or laptop.

(3) Optical Mouse

Optical Mouse

The true optical mouse uses a red or infrared LED light projected onto a surface to track movement by bouncing the light off the surface into a CMOS sensor, which converts the light particles into an electric current.


barcode reader
barcode reader

A barcode reader is used in malls, and shops for scanned the product’s code, price, size etc.

Joy Stick


It is a pointing device. This is used to move the cursor position on a monitor screen. It is a stick having a spherical ball at both lower and upper ends. The lower spherical ball moves in a socket. The joystick can be moved in all four directions. This is used to play games.



A scanner is used to scan the images i.e. photos, mark sheets, documents, etc.



Light Pen

light pen

Track Ball

Track ball

Optical Mark Reader(OMR)


Magnetic Ink Card Reader(MICR)


Optical Character Reader(OCR)


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